Thursday, March 26, 2009

And Baby makes 4!

The pictures are top left: profile of Emma at 20 weeks
top right: My belly at 22 1/2 weeks
bottom left: Preston loving on baby Emma, he loves to pull my shirt up and lay on my tummy, he says "shhh baby Emma seepin"
bottom right: My star tattoo on my side that's stretching just a little bit, it won't do damage i don't think.
Yep yall guessed it! We got ourselves a honeymoon baby! We just found out that it is going to be a girl. We decided on naming her Emma Kay after her great great aunt, and me! Chris, and I had talked about starting a family soon, because we didn't want our kids to be too far apart, and the Lord obviously thought this was the right time for us. I found out that we were pregnant on November 29th. Shortly there after I became intensely ill, and was on bedrest, with I.V. fluids twice a day for two months straight. I have now been I.V. free for almost 4 weeks. It's great to not be attatched to a pole any longer. With these complications and more, my doctor is inducing my labor when I am at 36 weeks which puts my due date around the end of June instead of the initial due date of July 29th. We are so excited for Emma to get here. We are taking the necessary steps to become worthy to be sealed in the Temple as a family by the end of the year!

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